When a loved one dies, there are so many things to worry about that it makes it difficult to focus on grieving. The last thing many people want to deal with after losing a loved one is all the planning for a funeral. It can be very emotional trying to plan a truly meaningful funeral that properly honors someone you love.

Hamden Memorial Funeral Home can help provide you with the information you need to create a respectful funeral service to fully remember someone who’s important in your life. One of the ways we help our clients is by providing content from and the teachings of Dr. Alan Wolfelt, a noted grief expert.

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You can trust the dedicated staff at Hamden Memorial Funeral Home to help you plan and execute the ideal funeral or memorial service. Our team of experts has plenty of experience planning funerals and helping families make the important decisions that are necessary during a time of grieving. Trust our professionals to help you create a funeral service that meets your expectations.

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Dr. Alan Wolfelt helps patients deal with grief through the Center for Loss and Life Transition. We can help you learn to deal with grief and help others with grief. We provide articles that offer suggestions for helping others with grief. We also provide practical suggestions to help you mourn and grieve, and we can direct you to articles that provide insight on how to help children and teens understand and express grief. Visit for informative articles to help in coping with loss..



When a loved one passes, you’ll want to best commemorate and remember that person’s life. One of the ways to celebrate a life is to share memories of someone you loved. The best way to create memories that last a lifetime is to talk to those who matter most to you and share stories.

Having a talk with someone you love while they’re still alive can bring out the stories that best memorialize someone at the end of their life. Talking with a loved one can also help us learn how they wanted to be remembered when they are gone.

Download a free brochure and have the talk of a lifetime today. It can truly make a difference..